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INTRODUCTION is a forex VPS hosting provider with a solutions-focused approach to business. They offer various services such as e-commerce hosting, web hosting, VPS hosting, domains, reseller, dedicated servers, […]


Basic Monthly Price:
New York
Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2
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INTRODUCTION is a forex VPS hosting provider with a solutions-focused approach to business. They offer various services such as e-commerce hosting, web hosting, VPS hosting, domains, reseller, dedicated servers, and many others. The company provides low-cost VPS services to forex traders and investors with fantastic support, no downtime, and straightforward billing with no hidden charges. They also offer a set of feature-rich plans with a generous amount of bandwidth and disk space. Each of the packages features cPanel Control Panel, a functionality that helps make using even the most sophisticated features of a customer’s account easy as pie. Their server is very responsive, which helps make the network very fast.


Brokers in need of in need of the control of a root based server as well as those who have outgrown their reseller will find webline services crucial because they provide scalable services that let users begin with the lowest package and work their way up as they grow. Their dedicated servers help make Webline-Services an excellent choice because they allow for customization, which makes them perfect for lots of latency sensitive applications, among other tasks.

Webline-services is a verified hosting provider with many partner companies that includes Dell, Intel, PHP, and Microsoft. With this in mind, their reputation should never be in doubt. It’s a platform that walks the talk. They guarantee 99.9 percent uptime with any EA or broker. Plus, their forex VPS are always available for forex-ready systems and can be accessed from anywhere with live support at all times.  The products offer customers Windows 2008 R2 virtual desktop that is accessible at all times.


  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5

The platforms have been configured to run 24/7, meaning that even if a trader reboots his or her server, their trading software automatically continues on its own. The lightning fast network helps make a case for this compelling platforms.


Webline-Services offers three forex VPS hosting packages, each of which sports a Cpanel (control panel) that helps make it easy to configure. This way, you can effectively manage the databases, traffic, and update your account without expert help. The forex VPS are Windows server based. Any of the plans will help you trade better and provide rock-solid options to VPS hosting. You will also gain 24-hour access to VPS from any location in the world at all times. Also bear in mind that all packages are ready for forex trading right out of the box. Below are the available plans and how much of your interest they will serve.

a) Starter package: This package will most help beginners who wish to start with a low-cost plan before scaling up. It packs features like:

  • 1 gigabyte of guaranteed RAM
  • 40 GB of HDD storage
  • 500 GB of bandwidth
  • Support for remote desktop and VNC
  • Comes pre-installed with MT4 and MT5
  • 1 dedicated IP
  • Windows server 2003/2008 R2
  • Data center location: New York
  • Setup fee: free
  • Cost price: $24.99 per month

b) Professional package: This plan was conceived to offer medium to heavy users rich functionality with which to trade. You will find its features to include:

  • 2 GB of guaranteed RAM
  • 60 GB of HDD storage space
  • Windows Server 2003
  • 2000 GB of bandwidth
  • MT4 and MT5 come pre-installed
  • Support for remote desktop and VNC
  • 1 dedicated IP
  • Data center location: New York
  • Setup fee: free
  • Cost price: $44.99 per month

c) Ultimate package: The ultimate plan was mapped out for traders and investors who seek to the highest attainable gains from VPS hosting. To cater to their extensive needs, this package offers:

  • 3 GB of guaranteed RAM
  • 100 gigabytes of HDD storage
  • Windows Server 2003/2008 R2
  • Setup fee: free
  • MT4 and MT5 come preloaded
  • Data center location: New York
  • Support for remote desktop and VNC
  • Cost price: $64.99 per month


Webline-Services optimizes strategic locations to enable users to get 100 percent uptime. The company’s data center location is in New York, United States of America, but has been optimized to offer support almost anywhere in the world. Engineered to provide redundant power as well as an extensive network infrastructure, Webline-Services data center also provides state-of-the-art security measures that consist of fire suppression systems, multi-level secure biometric access, racks, and secure cages.


To subscribe to Webline-Services, visit the official website at, navigate to “VPS hosting”, click on “Forex VPS” after the page reloads, and select a suitable plan. to proceed, click on “order now” on whichever plan you wish to subscribe to. Follow through to checkout. The payment methods accepted by Webline-Services consist of PayPal and credit cards.


Webline-Services has support staff that are available 24/7 to respond to and assist brokers with requests and technical issues quickly and expertly. To them, no client is too small; which is why they treat everyone like a VIP. The customer care staff are very friendly and helpful and are very open to all customers. They also give prompt replies and responses to any issues. In a nutshell, they have an efficient support that you would be eager to contact. To get help, you can contact Webline-Services support via email at, or you can leave a message on their “Contact us” page.


Anyone looking for excellent service as well as affordable prices should not look beyond Webline-Services. The company has been online since 2011 and has continued to advance their product offerings. The technical support staff are always on ground to keep any issues handled properly and help monitor problems before they result in downtime. In all, Webline-Services is one of the decent forex VPS hosting companies you will come across. While they are not perfect, they always work very hard to provide their customers with an overall great experience. Users looking for diversity and a full suite of supporting services will feel at home with Webline-Services.

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