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INTRODUCTION Tradingfx VPS is a forex Virtual Private Virtual Server (VPS) service that has been designed to offer forex traders robust security, flexibility, lower slippage, and continuous trading even while […]


Basic Monthly Price:
New York, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
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Pros & Cons
  • One-week trial for $3.99 allows for low-cost evaluation of service before full commitment
  • 3 tiers of security
  • Flexibility of plans with affordable payments
  • The lack of servers in the US means that trading with US brokers using this VPS will lead to increased latency



Tradingfx VPS is a forex Virtual Private Virtual Server (VPS) service that has been designed to offer forex traders robust security, flexibility, lower slippage, and continuous trading even while their power is out. Operators who wish to employ their trading systems around the clock will find this service incredibly useful.

Traders with tight schedules as well as investors who may not be able to give full attention to the market at all times will find TradingFX VPS very useful. This is because the service allows an indicator or an EA to work on their behalf at all times automatically. The company’s robust, reliable and efficient hardware makes it the go-to VPS provider. Their high-performance servers help ensure that you get faster trade executions with 100 percent uptime.


TradingFX VPS makes proximity to broker and broker’s latency an utmost priority, which is why it is the sole provider of VPS across two major continents: America and Europe, offering excellent services in the United States, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. The data centers are well-established in the world’s densest locations for financial centers and capital market firms to ensure ultra-low latency access for all traders and investors. The strategic positioning of the data centers guarantees that all the principal brokers and liquidity providers will be met in record time.


TradingFX VPS was designed to work seamlessly with vast trading platforms such as:

  • cTrader
  • MetaTrader
  • Tradestation
  • NinjaTrader
  • jForex

By the preceding, it is safe to conclude that TradingFX VPS supports any trading platforms. Consequently, it offers a broad range of choices to suit various needs.


TradingFX VPS lets you select from different plans. These packages have been introduced across several tiers to match and cater to the needs of individuals with many desires. They include:

  • Standard VPS Plan. This package is intended for traders who are looking to trade 1-3 MT4 terminals. The shared hosting, lightweight plan has a good execution speed and tick volume counters. It also features 1 core, two gig ram, unlimited traffic, 40 gig SSD, OS Windows 2008, supports all trader platforms, all expert advisors, and immediate activation. The standard VPS package costs $25 a month, which is value for money if you can look past its slow navigational interface (this is due to its being one core, two gig ram machine). Overall, it is a decent experience.
  • Advanced VPS Plan. This package is designed for advanced users who wish to trade 1-5 MT4 terminals. It is a two core, four gig ram machine with 80 gig SSD, unlimited traffic, OS Windows 2008, RDP/VNC/Mobile access and support for both all trader platforms and all expert advisors. These functionalities help make it a lot faster machine than the standard VPS package. The plan will set you back $45 a month.
  • Expert VPS Plan. This is a grand performance plan meant for experts and those who seek to reap the benefits of using the best possible VPS package on the market. It offers users the chance to trade on terminals 1-10, with four cores and 8 gigabytes of ram. Also equipped is 160 gig SSD, unlimited traffic functionality, RDP/VNC/Mobile access, OS Windows 2012, support for all expert advisors and all trader platforms. Suffice it to say that this plan is the pinnacle of forex trading, as it is fast and reliable to booth. However, to enjoy such stupendous benefits, you will have to shell out a hefty $90 per month.


TradingFX VPS servers are located in LeaseWeb data center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Equinix data center, London, United Kingdom; Internap data center, New York, United States of America; Equinix data center, Frankfurt, Germany. The locations were pointedly picked because together, they allow for an extremely low latency as well as fast execution speed which helps facilitate trading activity. The servers are equipped with SSD RAID10 disk array set up on high-speed SAS as well as SSD drives. They offer quick access to information with speeds that are 10 to 20 times faster than those provided by a lot of hosting providers that deploy SATA drives. The company utilizing RAID10 array warrants that your virtual server data will be preserved in the event of hard drive failure.


You can subscribe to TradingFX VPS plans using PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or American Express. All charges are billed on a monthly basis. If you utilize the “subscribe” option, the subscription fees will be automatically deducted from your account when due. You can cancel the services at any time. Invoices are made available on the web interface. There are three steps involved. Visit the official site at www.TradingFX, chose a product, confirm your order, and then check out. It is as simple as ABC.

The entire process is fast and direct. Payment can be made from any location in the world and supports all platforms. All details concerning the transaction will be sent to your email address. Ensure to keep them safe and secure.


In the event of any dispute, eventuality, or should you ever require any assistance, you can reach TradingFX VPS either through their email address at support@TradingFX or by visiting their Facebook page on VPS.

You can also skype them via support@TradingFX, or live chat them by visiting the “contact us” page at the bottom of the official site. They are very attentive, responsive, and well-mannered. Therefore, you can rest assured that they will painstakingly resolve your complaints.


TradingFX VPS makes trading forex a lot safer and secure. You will benefit from lots of opportunities and conveniences which the service offers. And for a system that guarantees 99.9 percent operational connection time, fast order execution, quick data recovery, and high connection speed, among others, TradingFX VPS indeed meets and even surpasses expectations. It is a VPS that is full of advantages. With TradingFX VPS, you will be able to optimize your trade execution efficiency plus general performance, thanks to the powerful technology that the company utilizes to help ensure that traders and investors alike, can amplify their trading systems.

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