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INTRODUCTION Since 2009, Natcoweb has provided virtual private server services to forex traders. Based in the United States (New Jersey), this VPS provider also provides dedicated servers, collocation and Linux […]


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Windows and Linux servers
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Pros & Cons
  • Good for traders working in the US
  • A free trial is offered; test before you pay
  • Works with both Windows and Linux users.
  • Restrictive package as there is only one VPS plan
  • Traders working with brokers outside the US will experience higher latency



Since 2009, Natcoweb has provided virtual private server services to forex traders. Based in the United States (New Jersey), this VPS provider also provides dedicated servers, collocation and Linux based hosting to users in a variety of industries. In this article, we investigate whether Natcoweb has the capability to provide the necessary technology and infrastructure that forex traders need to backup their trading.


Poor connectivity, power outages and high latency are some of the problems forex traders face when they use low quality, shared hosting to run their expert advisors. This can lead to untold losses as your trading strategy is not going to be executed properly and you will miss profitable opportunities.

A serious forex trader must take care of the technical aspects such as hosting so that he or she would be able to focus on fine-tuning the trading strategy. This can be achieved by signing up to virtual private server services provided by a top quality company.

We have investigated Natcoweb’s forex VPS product known as “Trader VPS” and we now bring you information on the features and benefits of using their service.

Natcoweb has invested a lot of capital in first class server, network and power systems in order to ensure maximum uptime. Current customers do not experience any downtime. Maintenance for the Trader VPS product is scheduled only for non-trading days as the company understands that any downtime could lead to losses for its trader customers.

For stock traders, Natcoweb’s direct connectivity to NYSE servers might help. However, forex traders are not left out as the company ensures minimal latency by utilizing superior connectivity.

Trader VPS also offers unlimited bandwidth. Regardless of how often your trading robots crawl the site, you would have no problems. There is no traffic limitation. Natcoweb guarantees permanent presence and continuous monitoring of your forex VPS. It also offers instant installation of the VPS as well as pre-installation of trading tools such as MT4 and MT5.

Customers are also encouraged to utilize the two-day free trial to test the services. Your payment method is not charged until after two days of use. Within two days, you would have benefited from the service and realize it is high quality.

There are a number of testimonials on their website from satisfied customers and traders who have benefited from using Trader VPS as the infrastructural anchor for their trading.

Natcoweb’s expertise extends to development of programming tools and traders can take advantage of that to convert their trading strategies to expert advisors which can be easily integrated to Trader VPS. Natcoweb offers an all-in-one solution to ensure successful forex trading.


The features of Natcoweb’s Trader VPS include:

  • Windows and Linux Servers
  • MT4 pre-installed
  • Two day free trial
  • Unlimited/Unmetered Bandwidth
  • US Based Servers
  • Can be used with any broker


There is only a single package on offer from Natcoweb. The Trader VPS service offers access to the following features for a token of $25 a month:

  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 30 GB Virtualized HDD Storage
  • Single instance of Metatrader
  • Low latency
  • Auto startup of MT4
  • Can install unlimited amounts of EAs subject to memory requirements

The Natcoweb’s team is laser focused on effectiveness rather than gathering up features that would not achieve anything for your trading.


There is a single dedicated IP address allowed for all subscribers.


Subscribing for the Natcoweb Trader VPS service is a straightforward process. First, you order for the VPS and fill in all necessary personal and configuration details. MT4 would come pre-installed. You make your payment with PayPal or credit/debit cards. Your payment is then confirmed and you are emailed server access details and a remote desktop connection is established. Natcoweb also gives easy to understand directions for the VPS setup.

The virtual private server is setup within minutes and you can access it from any device by providing your username and password.


You can contact the support team via email on and through the web contact/live chat form.

Many companies ensure that they respond quickly to customer support inquiries but quick response time is only one leg of an effective customer service system. The quality of the help and support is more important. Natcoweb excels in this aspect as they ensure that all customer inquiries are dealt with effectively. They also provide technical help articles on the website. We are confident that you would not have any unresolved issues, support wise.

However, they could use an improvement in the response time. You can also contact the Natcoweb team by calling 1.973-777-7575.


Natcoweb’s Trader VPS is a great service for beginning and intermediate forex traders. It is even better for stock traders. It offers all the necessary features to back-up your trading and allow you focus on signals and strategy. However, advanced traders with greater technology needs might not be impressed with the lack of scalability and the offer of only one basic plan.

They provide great support and quick, easy installation of the VPS. For most traders, it is a great service as you do not face any technical difficulty in using the server and hosting your data. At $25 a month, it is priced competitively. You can use the two-day free trial to ensure you are not making a mistake in subscribing. Most people subscribe straight without the free trial and the majority have been satisfied with the results.

In summary, we recommend Natcoweb to forex traders who need a quick and effective VPS setup for their trading. Your investment would be worth it.


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