What is a Forex VPS?

A “Virtual Private Server” or VPS for short, is a method of web hosting which uses a data center facility to enable businesses to locate physical hardware so as to provide a direct ISP connection. In the forex market, forex VPS are data centres or professional computer-server facilities that are provided to enable trading entities host their trading software for 24/7 operation.

How Does a Forex VPS Work?

A forex VPS works on the principle of shared hosting. A data centre is setup using computers and servers to act as a remote hosting server. By connecting your local computer to this network of servers, you can transfer and attach files from your local computer to this server. This way, you can host your trading platform, expert advisors and all kinds of forex-related software on the VPS and get them to work the same way you would on your local computer.

What should I consider in choosing a forex VPS?

You need to consider the stability and uptime levels of the VPS. This depends on the technology platform on which the VPS operates. As much as possible, choose forex  virtual private servers that allow for independent operations of each user despite the shared status of the server. This is what guarantees that your VPS will work correctly without interruption and downtimes. You also need to consider the size of the RAM and storage space that will be allocated to you, just the same way a website owner will look out for the amount of disk space he or she will get for the website files and emails.

Can I use my MT4 on a VPS?

Yes you can use your MT4 client terminal on a forex VPS. You can see how this works here.

I do not use MT4. Can other forex trading platforms be hooked up to a VPS?

Yes it is possible to use other platforms on VPS. Examples include jForex, cTrader and cAlgo. However, only specific VPS companies offer this capability.

My forex VPS is too slow and sometimes stops totally. What is the problem and how can I solve it?

The commonest causes of a slow or malfunctioning VPS are:

  1. User overload. For instance, if a user is running several instances of the MT4 with several charts open and being actively traded by EAs, that user will pull on the resources being used by other traders as well, causing the VPS to slow down.
    To solve the problem, either reduce the load (usually not practicable as you have  no way of contacting or identifying the offending user), or use a VPS which runs on Hyper-V or OpenVZ technology. These technologies isolate each user so that overload from one user does not affect other users. You can also go for plans with increased RAM and storage.

    2. A VPS infected with malware and viruses. To avoid this, do not use the VPS for any other purpose but trading. A malfunctioning EA will also cause the VPS to slow down. Ensure you clear your EAs of bugs before use.

I have accounts with several brokers. Can I run their own MT4 platforms on my single forex VPS plan?

Yes you can. SImply download all the platforms to your local computer. Then connect them all sequentially to your remote computer (the forex VPS) using the steps outlined in this article.

What do I need to obtain a forex VPS?

Simply visit the site of your chosen forex VPS provider and sign up by choosing and paying for one of the plans on offer. If a broker offers a forex VPS, you can sign up as well.

How do I pay for a VPS plan? I do not want to expose my card details online.

The forex VPS providers mentioned on this site have multiple payment methods such as PayPal and Skrill. These are 3rd party payment processors which can process your card payments for you so that you do not have to use your card details directly on the forex VPS site. A few VPS providers also accept bank wires and cheque payments.

Do I have to download MT4 from each broker site, or can I just download MT4 and enter broker account info?

To avoid confusion, it is better to download the MT4 from each individual broker. The reason for downloading MT4 from each individual broker is to be able to ensure that all the IP and server settings for each broker’s MT4 are correct. These settings are already established by default on each broker’s MT4.

Is the forex VPS free?

Some forex VPS packages are free, especially if they are offered by a broker. However, it is not advisable to get hooked on a free package. Make a selection from any of the good paid packages as these are better than free ones.

Can I share files from my computer to my forex VPS?

You can share forex-related files from your computer to your forex VPS using compatible cloud-storage systems like Dropbox.

Can I trade on a forex VPS with my smartphone or tablet?

You can trade with smartphones and tablets using a VPS for Android or iOS. Windows-based devices are compatible with most standard forex virtual private servers.

I cannot login to my VPS. What is the problem?

If you are unable to login to your VPS provider, do any of the following:

a) Contact your broker to whitelist the IP address of your forex VPS provider.

b) Check your login details and confirm that they are correct.

c) If all fails, contact your forex VPS provider to solve the issue for you.

Can I use all kinds of VPS for my forex trading?

Not all VPS packages are suitable for forex trading. Only use VPS packages that run on Hyper-V or OpenVZ technology, as they provide for independence of shared user resources. This independence allows a user to run an EA on an allocated VPS space without downtime or interruption from overload activity of another user on the same network.

Can I use my Linux OS on a forex VPS?

Yes you can run your Linux-based trading clients on OpenVZ forex VPS technology as this is the VPS technology built for computers that run on Linux OS.

I use Windows XP. Is the software too old to use on a VPS?

You can use Windows XP on some forex VPS that still allow it. However, it is advisable to use MS Windows Server 2008 and later versions to get optimal performance from your trading client hosted on a forex VPS.

How can I increase my VPS memory without upgrading to a costlier plan?

You can do this by rebooting and periodically clearing the cache on your remote computer connection during weekends when the market is not active. You can also reduce your memory usage substantially by reducing the number of pre-forked worker processes. Simply put, start certain functions of your trading platform well in advance before you need them.

If one user uses too much resources and puts on a high workload on the forex VPS, will this affect me?

If you are using a forex VPS that uses simple virtualization to allocate resources that are not independent of each other, then yes, you will experience sluggishness and downtimes in your forex VPS which can affect your EA’s performance. Always make sure you choose a VPS which runs on Hyper-V technology (Windows) or OpenVZ (Linux) as these VPS technologies allocate VPS resources to traders that are independent of activities of other users.